7-20 Have A Little More Faith
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7-20 Have A Little More Faith

Time: 15/07/21

        The civilization is in progress,as well as science and technology,but there is a lack of trust between people.Year ago,helping people is a common thing,but if you were meeting with such this thing nowadays,you might be hesitant for a while.Because you worry about whether the people who you are going to help will in turn frame up you,which turn to be cisis of trust,and it is also a reflection of social environment and the level of quality.From these,we could know how bad we did in the aspect.
        Some one told me a story,which happened in the countryside.He once accompanied his father to the electronics store near by the countryside to buy an air conditioner.And they met a old man who aslo came here to buy a refrigerator,when the old was going to pay,he found he found he forgot money.Probably the old man knew the storekeeper,so he just told him that he would pay the money the next week without any IOU.In the opinion of the man,it was incredible,but the storekeeper,the old man and his father appear calm,they all thought it was a normal thing.
        In their eyes,this thing is normal,but not in mine.Because it couldn't happen in other place,let alone in the big cities.This means most of us don't trust others.But why the old men in the countyrside could trust other,and we can't.Maybe it was caused by the social environment or other reason.But i know one piont,having a little more faith,and we will have less trouble,whether in dealing with things or trading,it could bring benefit to both of us.Hoersun,a professional plastic clip manufacturer trust our clients,and we also hope you could give us more credit.

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