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Shenzhen Hoersun Plastic & Molding Factory

Address: Longgang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China about Arboretum Lulihenglong Industrial Park, Building C F1.
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Don't let life be boring

In fact, everything is simple, as long as you start do something: loud music playing, took off his shoes and on the grass wanton roll. If you really want to do something, don't hesitate to do it.

Grow up

In fact,each one of us is learning continuously to grow up.The more things you have experienced,the more you would get.We have been around growth our whole life,and we might get into trouble without you knowing about i

how to deal with the new plastic cup

Many friends maybe do not know how to deal with the new plastic cup, for example, the special smell. So here it is a great pleasure for Cendy to provide some workable suggestions bellow,

Do You Know the Benefits of Plastic Ice cube?

When I was a child, the parents always take the ice cold on my forehead, less than one or two hours, from the heat and the fever. With the needs of the people, making the ice ice, widely used in various fields. Ice cube can not only cool, there are a lot of benefits.

Put it down

The professor hold a cup full of water in hands before class.He hold up the cup to let all students see it,and asked:”what happen if i hold it up for couples of minutes?”

Practical and funny toy---plastic spoon

The plastic spoons are not only eating implement, but also good materials for playing games.the baby play spoon game getting ready for using the spoon.

Cup Maintenance Tips

Cup in our daily lives is essential that we use every day. Then you know how to care the cup?

To Provide Protection for Your High-heeled Shoes?

Shenzhen Hoersun as Plastic High Heel Protectors Manufacturer, is specialized in the production of various types of high-heeled protectors. high-heeled protectors

Plastic product knowledge

To become a professional salesman, to master the knowledge of products is very necessary. When the customer inquired product process and details when you can answer fluently. Second, they should play a subjective initiative, and actively explore.

Improve yourself

There is an usual saying that we should make good use of our advantages. Its right ,but we should limit ourself within only one advantage, and we should improve ourself, having more advantages. Only by this way can we succeed more easily.

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Address:Longgang Town, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China about Arboretum Lulihenglong Industrial Park, Building C F1
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