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Plastic high heel protectors guests

Time: 15/07/20

Dating back to March of this year, one of the guests sent a message, she want to order plastic high heel protectors ,and need price.By the way, if Can customized by his design.I reply soon, and then then there is no news.
Two days ago, the phone rang, she said I was Cindy, I have no impression, because time is a bit long, and many guests will have the same name. Talked for a while, she said she wanted to order plastic high heel protector to check.

Then she sent a message to me, I checked the record, we have contacted in March.Intermediate retroactive few emails, but never return.It seems that the client is a potential customer, We need to follow up again.
Sometimes, the guests with orders, only it takes time. We should be patient communication reply, we must have dream, if come true? We need to be patient,, in case get a order?
Hoersun,a professional plastic high heel protectors manufacturer.

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