A case about plastic heel cover
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A case about plastic heel cover

Time: 17/06/16

Unexpectedly, the guests come to China and attend Canton Fair. He informed me in advance of his schedule. the first day he will come to our plastic heel cover wholesale to talk about the heel cover item.
We do all the preparatory work that day before he came.
Very friendly, with a lawyer together.about three hours, then have the final result.
However, due to contract in some places there are changes, so the next afternoon, I went to the hotel guests lived with my colleague, and guests sign a contract.
And with him to determine the final dimensions. I took a sample of plastic heel cover.

plastic heel cover
after that day is Saturday morning just up to see his message on we chat. he wants to change the design, the ideal is from the sample i brought.
Then we appoint meet and discuss in Sunday’s morning.I, along with colleague and manager, we went to the hotel to see guests. Also, guests is to distance us closer, convenient to do business, also moved away from us very close hotel. That's all. Discusses the morning, then eat lunch, we arranged for a new design. the time is really urgent. Because the guests will back next week,
Until Tuesday night, we have completed the drawings, Wednesday, we and guests meet. When confirm again, Because the guests will leave on Friday. So Thursday at noon we ate lunch. And signed a contract to meet in the evening.
Friday morning, five o'clock we pick up the guest, sending him by bus..
A project finished.it is not easy, the guest also work hard. thanks to the strong support and help of colleagues of our plastic heel cover manufacturer.

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