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Improve your ability

Time: 17/06/19

Until now, I have meet many kinds of client on internet, and send hundred of quotation out; Most of them are very kindly and humorous, though they come from different nation with various culture, we can contact with each other happily. But most of them care products price only, so we have to guide them to focus on product quality or value. Only quality is the soul of an enterprise, it is an maxim.

And a few of them send me an inquiry or message, but when I reply back, by email, even phone, they do not give any feedback, now I know the situation is so normal, and it has some reasons: the price is not workable for them; they do not get mail or do not see them; or we do not get their point; etc. In work, we have to improve our ability all-around. Try our best.

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