Deal with problem correctly
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Deal with problem correctly

Time: 17/06/21

As we know,the process of waiting for response after you send plastic heel cover samples to clients.Some clients urged us for samples before they git them.Once received samples,they would ignore you for a long time.And you would worried about this bad situation.
Actually,it could be divided into three kind of situation.

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1.The clients made contact with you are traders,not end users.They need to provide the samples to the users for trying.So they would take a long before replying.You just wait for their response or call them regularly.

2.It might that the clients were unsatisfied with the sample you send to them.And you should approach the clients for information immediately.

3.It also could be that the clients trade with you for the first time,and want to take samples to have a test.Or the clients were not satisfied with requirement you have mentioned before.It needs more communication between you with clients.

Only a proper way deal with the clients and be prepared for the coming thing,you can win favor from the clients.And you will be succeed.

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