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Hoersun and Hongkong customers are developing a new cup

We received a cup sample from our Hongkong customer Alain,July 17,2016.This cup structure is a little complex , consisting of six parts.

A Small Summary

As a salesman, must have the sincerity to solve the problem, they first find their own responsibility When a customer complains to you, what you should do is try to comfort him.

Keep a Promise Inviolated

he difficulty of a thing is not in itself, but in how you perceive it. Only when they do things carefully in the heart of the time, so as to win customers, to obtain trust.

How to send the sample timely and accurate ?

September 8, 2016 i received an inquiry from American customer and he need plastic heel protectors. Careful reading the message, and then send the quotation to him. September 9 he told us he need the sample, and provides federal account.

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