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How to quickly confirm the sample order?

September 9, 2016, I received an inquiry from Trinidad and Tobago. Thecustomer need the 10 oz transparent cup. So i sent the quotation of 10 oz cup to him.

The Humorous German Customer

I took his inquiry seriously after I got his email asking for plastic fruit and vegetable box. At first, I recommended a similar style and he accepted. Subsequently, I gave him a quotation in an earnest way.


Ecommerce is very hot at present,also it is a tendency,and this is what we do now.we talked business through Internet.we never meet before,so what promote us to forward,I think its trust and responsibility.

Haste Will Ruin Everything

In early September, I received an inquiry of high heel protectors. As the customer constantly changed his requirements, I quoted him for several times back and forth. However, the customer thought the price is too high and then didn’t reply me.

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