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More Contact More Chance

A guest call me, said have a very urgent project- plastic wine glass, we will contact and discuss the quotation.

Little Things Make Customers Confort

For the trade saleman,if the cargo and its packing have compeleted,and you might can have a relax time in the moment.But thinking it carefully,you have some little thing can do.

Self-Confidence is Important in Communication

As a trade salesman,communicating with customers from all over the world is my daily work.We have got the experience and mastered some skills of it after fought in the industry for years.Whatever you got these from other people or summed up yourself,it means that you have learn a little about this industry.

Treat Every Client Seriously

We get a message on TM , the address shows China. As domestic client place order less, so donot more care. Later we know she want plastic spork same as ours, it become very simple. Client ask for my email address and send email with details information.

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